MThdxMTrk  SplatterHouseCathedral Level1--written by--??? Sequenced by Leopold McGinnisFrom SplatterHouse by NAMCO/ SplatterHouse Cathedral Level music 5 by Namco --for Turbo Grafx-16 (and arcade) ( Sequenced by Leopold McGinnis  March 1998 # Build time: 24.5 hours!! * email: < web page: . SplatterHouse is an awesome game. It's damn creepy but not only that it has some damn fine music in it. I highly recommend playing the game if you can. Awesome. XYQ 7`rSplatterHouse --Cathedral Level Music Sequenced by Leopold McGinnis March 1998 Email: jldmcgin@acs.ucalgary.cazQ ,+/MTrk! Chruch Organ`Ami@i>@<AixDixDACixFixFCDixHhxHDFhi7@i>@<AixDixDACixFixFCDixHhxHDFhnEnJnhJB>E/MTrkS! Synth Strings2:PZOPIMOBMM*M L4LMhM>HJHJL LMxPxPMOxROZPRZTxTPR